Why offer a Christian education when there are so many good public schools in the Northland?

Christian education is not about good or bad public schools. Christian education simply offers something the public schools cannot - a Christ-centered academic setting and a sense of community. Our schools offer a safe environment, challenging curriculum, faculty that care about each student, and managed classrooms that teach proper behavior and are conducive to optimal learning. Lutheran schools make up the 2nd largest parochial school system in the U.S. with over 2500 schools. For more information visit www.KCLutheranSchools.org.

What grades are offered at Martin Luther Academy?

Martin Luther Academy offers full-day Kindergarten through grade 8 at facilities located located at 7112 N Overland Dr, Kansas City, Missouri.

Where are teachers recruited?

Experienced teachers are recruited nationally and locally. Synodically trained and qualified Lutheran teachers are hired wherever possible. Other teachers who are members of a Lutheran church, but who are not synodically trained, may also be considered. If staffing needs still remain, other Christian teachers may be hired. All NLSA teachers are Missouri State certified.

Describe the curriculum at MLA.

The program is structured around core curricular areas (including language arts, reading, math and science) designed to meet each student's needs. It meets the Minutes of Instruction Guidelines of the state of Missouri. We are committed to small class sizes and efficiency within our classrooms.

Science, Saxon math, and other core subjects are taught from a perspective that God is the Creator and Lord of the universe and all things in it.

In addition, daily religion classes, art, music, fine arts, Spanish, physical education and computer skills are strongly emphasized at all levels. Students and teachers alike reflect the call to develop the gifts God has given, and use them to honor God and to serve one another.

Individual student needs are met at MLA. The Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS) is used for assessment.

What are the co-curricular activities?

MLA offers a variety of age-appropriate co-curricular athletics, fine arts programs, and club activities. Competitive sports will be offered as enrollment dictates. MLA is a member of the Kansas City Lutheran Athletic League (KCLAL). Our own MLA participation in school programs will increase as we (as needs arise) plan to invite non-enrolled students from our NLSA church families to join us.

What is the tuition?

Please view the tuition and fee schedule.

What is the NLSA?

The Northland Lutheran School Association is comprised of five Missouri Synod Lutheran Churches located north of the Missouri River in the Greater Kansas City area, namely:

  • Christ Lutheran Church, Platte Woods

  • King of Kings Lutheran Church, Kansas City North

  • St. John's Lutheran Church, Farley

  • St. Stephen Lutheran Church, Liberty

  • Trinity Lutheran Church, Kearney

Each church has two lay delegates and one pastoral delegate to the NLSA Board of Delegates. An Executive Council is elected from the church memberships to manage the operation of the association in its mission "To nurture students spiritually, emotionally and academically," with a pastoral advisor selected by the pastors of the member churches.

How do Association churches support NLSA?

Congregations in the Association donate $30 per baptized member annually to the NLSA. Some member churches provide tuition assistance to their members whose children attend MLA. Many individual members donate their time, talent and financial support to the Association.

Are there discounts for members of NLSA member churches?

Tuition is the same for all students. Some Association churches provide tuition assistance for their members who attend an NLSA school. Financial aid and scholarships are offered based on need for members of Association churches as well as for those outside the Lutheran community. It is the desire of the NLSA to facilitate attendance by any qualified student regardless of the family's financial situation, so long as there is room in the class and financial aid funds remain available.

How are financial scholarships funded?

Contributions from member churches, individual donations, and budgeted funds are used to provide financial aid to qualified students. An NLSA endowment fund to support program development and financial aid will be established as funds become available.

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