There are many opportunities to support MLA!  

  1. Pray for Martin Luther Academy.
    1. Pray for the students, that God would work in their hearts and they would develop a strong faith that would follow them all their lives.
    2. Pray for the staff to be able to share God's word with the children in all they say and do.
    3. Pray for the Association Churches, that God's will would be done in each of these congregations.
    4. Pray that Martin Luther Academy would continue to spread God's Word!
    5. Pray for the students who haven't come to MLA yet, that the legacy of MLA would reach them as well
  2. Get involved in TEAM
  3. Serve on the NLSA board (for association church members only)
  4. Volunteer at MLA
    1. Library
    2. Lunch
    3. Music
    4. Reading to students
    5. What are your talents you'd like to share?
  5. Financial opportunties
    1. Capital Campaign
    2. Auction
    3. General Donations
    4. Thrivent Choice Dollars

Come By and Visit!

We are located at the corner of 72nd Street and Overland Drive in the Northland

To schedule your tour, call Lisa Martens at 816-734-1060.


7112 N Overland Drive


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