Do you ever take Christian education for granted? Sometimes I do, as that has been my whole life since graduating from college. For instance, I take for granted that religion will be taught every day, that the teachers will not be afraid to teach their faith, that no one will come into our facility and arrest us for teaching about Jesus, that our lives are not in danger because we teach the Bible.

 While at Messiah Lutheran School, we once had a student from Iran. She and her mother had only been in the US for a short time, but had already attended a Lutheran church and become baptized. They really wanted to remain in the US where they could worship and learn about Jesus without fear, having to hide. Yasi was sent to MLS so she could daily learn about Jesus. Her mother did NOT take a Christian education for granted. When you’ve gone through so much for your faith, appreciation is probably what you feel, rather than taking that faith and the teaching of the Bible for granted.

 It is good for all of us to once in a while, or better yet, often, take the time to keep our priorities in order; to stop and thank God for putting us in a country where we are free to worship any time, any place; to thank our teachers for their dedication to Christian education; to encourage each other in the Christian faith.

 We at MLA have so much for which to be thankful. I believe that last Saturday proved we have many at MLA that do not take for granted our Christian education. The auction was fantastic, well planned, well attended, and certainly well supported. People came, had fun, and were certainly generous! Thank you to everyone who in any way supported our mission at MLA. We are truly blessed.

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